About us

You're busy, so we'll keep this quick

What is BringMe?

We deliver your favorite snacks, drinks, ice cream, and immediate need items right to your door within minutes. 

How does BringMe work?

We deliver your favorite snacks straight to your door. We store all our listed products available on our website in your area’s BringMe micro-fulfillment center, so when you order, your stuff comes directly from us to you. As we're not a courier service, we don't charge crazy surge pricing, and since we deliver directly instead of picking up from a store, we deliver quickly. 

How much does BringMe cost?

$1.99 flat delivery fee. Everytime. 

How late does BringMe deliver?

We're open from 12pm-1am everyday. 

What is the BringMe minimum order?

There is no minimum at all. Order whatever you're craving, we will bring it you within minutes! (Yes, you read that right.) 

Can you pay BringMe with cash?

Yes, we do accept cash on delivery. If you're placing an order online, please make sure to select cash on delivery at checkout or you can also choose to call/text us your order. 

Where does BringMe deliver?

Currently, we deliver only within a 25 km radius of our micro fulfillment center located in Didsbury.  

What if you don’t deliver to my area?

We’re probably coming your way! Tweet us @bringme where you’d like us to launch next, and chances are, we will.